How Many Calories in a Pound?

OK, I get it: You’re trying to lose weight. But in more concrete terms how many calories are you trying to jettison from that bod of yours? Here’s an interesting story to help put it into perspective: In 1958, according to an article on, a doctor named Max Wishnofsky, M.D., published a paper that more or […]

Why Run When You Can Jump!

When it comes to cardiovascular fitness, running will probably never get replaced. You can pretty much run anywhere, anyplace and at any time. But there are times when going for a run just isn’t convenient. Like maybe it’s raining or snowing. It’s times like these when jumping rope is a great alternative; what’s more, it comes pretty […]

Twist and Shout: Don’t Ignore Flexibility Exercises

According to David Geier, the director of sports medicine at the Medical University of South Carolina, “Flexibility is the third pillar of fitness, next to cardiovascular conditioning and strength training!” Truer words were never spoken. Flexibility can help your body reach its optimum fitness level, may play a role in injury prevention, and can even contribute to […]

Foods You Shouldn’t Be Eating

Truly, we already know there are plenty of foods we should not be eating. We shouldn’t be eating cookies or burgers every single day because they’re high in fat and sugar, and everything in excess is just bad for us. Did you know there are certain foods that experts are saying we should stop eating […]