The Right Foods: More Weight, More Muscle

We all dream of being bigger and more muscular. Or maybe the ideal you is just more muscular but without the extra weight. Either way, the simple logic is that if you want to gain weight and get bigger you need to eat more.  Simple Rules Rule No. 1: You must eat more calories than […]

Finding Fitness is Just a Matter of Time

As odd as it seems in this day and age, there are still many of you out there that have trouble finding the time to get some exercise! The concept of daily exercise has been seamlessly added to our psyches and our culture, so what’s the problem? It wasn’t that long ago that working out […]

The DNA of Happiness

I’m convinced that feeling good has been historically underestimated. I mean really, how interesting is it if the super hero of your favorite film is happy? What kind of conflict does that provide? The relative success of Superman vs. Batman shows that we’d rather see a Superman that is all bent out of shape than one […]