The Right Foods: More Weight, More Muscle

We all dream of being bigger and more muscular. Or maybe the ideal you is just more muscular but without the extra weight. Either way, the simple logic is that if you want to gain weight and get bigger you need to eat more.  Simple Rules Rule No. 1: You must eat more calories than […]

Finding Fitness is Just a Matter of Time

As odd as it seems in this day and age, there are still many of you out there that have trouble finding the time to get some exercise! The concept of daily exercise has been seamlessly added to our psyches and our culture, so what’s the problem? It wasn’t that long ago that working out […]

The DNA of Happiness

I’m convinced that feeling good has been historically underestimated. I mean really, how interesting is it if the super hero of your favorite film is happy? What kind of conflict does that provide? The relative success of Superman vs. Batman shows that we’d rather see a Superman that is all bent out of shape than one […]

Just What the World Needs: A Better Push-Up

Remember, it’s not what you do but how you do it. The same thing goes for push-ups. Push-ups are pretty straight forward right? Lie down on your stomach, legs extended, arms bent at the elbows and push away. But a few modifications — or at the very least strict attention to form — will result […]

Free is Healthy: Free Apps for Fitness

Free is always good and what’s better than free fitness apps to keep you focused in the gym or during the day? I’m no computer whiz but I’m smart enough to know that fitness apps can help you track your workouts, how your sleep and even how and what you are eating every day. Which apps […]

The New Normal: Going Gluten Free

A friend of mine, who unfortunately suffers from celiac disease, is on a gluten-free diet. Any time she is over, we eat a lot of salad. I didn’t want to ask because this person is always being inundated with questions about the disease, but after some research I discovered that gluten can really tear up the intestines […]

Foods that Trigger Migraine Headaches

Migraine headaches can be set off by all kinds of things: Deadlines at work, getting your taxes done and, unfortunately even eating. Current research shows that not only what you eat might trigger a migraine headache, but what’s inside the things you eat as well. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why we’re here today. […]