2 Mood-Boosting Eats That Are Delicious (And Nutritious)


When you think of the phrase, “You are what you eat,” perhaps there’s more truth to that than you truly realize.

At the very least, you definitely feel what you eat.

That’s because food doesn’t stop at nourishing your physical body– it can also nourish your mood by making you more likely to have a happy day when you eat the right grub! Obviously, the right grub doesn’t mean sweetened sodas and burgers at your favorite fast food joint (which can make you feel bad), so let me show you the two nutritious (and delicious) foods that I always rely on to make me feel better:

Grilled Salmon

Admittedly, I used to despise fish. I hated the taste of any kind, from trout to halibut, to (especially) sushi– YUCK! I used to like fish sticks when I was a kid, though, but that was most likely because they were caked in batter. 

But after realizing how healthy fish can be for you (not the fried fish sticks I used to love, of course), I knew I had to start giving it a try again– and grilled Alaskan salmon made it easy. Now one of my go-to favorite dinners, wild salmon grilled to perfection makes me feel better just thinking about it– and once it touches my tongue, my night is just about made. With its plethora of nutrients, perhaps it’s no surprise that the way it fuels your body, fuels your mood, too– so grab some fresh fish from your local grocery store, cook it up, and let it swim around your taste buds for an explosion of vitality and happiness! 

Scrambled Eggs

In the morning time before work, seldom does a breakfast go by when eggs aren’t on my menu. In truth, I probably eat them four times a week on average– and I don’t think it’s a coincidence that my mood has never been consistently better since I started the trend. Throw in some spinach, onions, and a slice of swiss cheese (not to mention a chunk of fresh roasted salsa from Trader Joe’s), and you’ve got yourself a delicious and nutritious breakfast that’s lookin’ just like mine! You’ll feel better because of it, too– the nourishment provided by this unique protein can improve your mood and your muscle tone, especially when you combine it with a healthy lifestyle and consistent workout routine!


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