4 Simple Supplements For Super Sleep


When it comes to your 40 winks, are you getting the full amount?

Though people usually think of “good sleep” as meaning a full eight-hour excursion through Dreamland, research out of the University of California–San Diego on sleep and aging, found that there isn’t a “statistically significant reason” to sleep more than six-and-a-half hours each night. Actually, the individuals involved in the research who slept only six-and-a-half hours each night, lived longer than those who slept eight!

Of course, there’s certainly nothing wrong with getting the full eight– but this research does shed light on the importance of sleep quality over sleep quantity. In essence, not getting enough of the right type of sleep can raise your chance of both heart disease and cancer, while also making you more likely to gain weight.

But what if you find yourself night after night getting closer to 25-30 winks instead? If that describes your normal sleep routine, fear not: there are a few great supplements out there that can make you more wink-worthy in a jiffy. Better yet, you won’t feel “out-of-it” and groggy the following day. Take a look at three sleepy supplements from The Bulletproof Diet that will improve your snooze– along with a bonus one from my own experience:

  1. Magnesium

Magnesium gets used in over 300 enzymatic processes, meaning that low magnesium equals “low cellular energy.” Getting more magnesium in your diet not only improves your sleep quality, but it also helps your body become more resilient against stress.

  1. Potassium

Your favorite benefit of bananas, potassium can also soothe bedtime leg cramps, not to mention keep the heart beating the way it should. Have about 100 to 200 mg on a given night, as overdosing on the valuable nutrient could harbor some negative side effects of their own.

  1. L-theanine

This weird-sounding supplement is an amino acid also seen in green tea, and it can help lower stress while bringing about greater relaxation.

Bonus: Melatonin

With the natural supplement melatonin, my midnight travels to Dreamland have never felt so natural– and that’s just the way I like it. My quality of sleep has always experienced improvement with melatonin, as I consistently wake up refreshed and motivated to get to work. In fact, I took a melatonin pill last night– and so far today, I feel excellent! As with any sort of supplement, you should consult your doctor before beginning any sort of regular routine. 


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