A Physical Fitness Odyssey: Picking the Right Gym

Finding the Right Gym

If you’re like a lot of people, you may find yourself looking in the mirror and wishing there was a healthier, happier person staring back at you! Well, you are in luck because no matter where you hang your hat there are plenty of fitness centers. Finding the fitness center that is right for you is not difficult at all but it does involve considering what is best for you in terms of size, staff and equipment! 

Time, Location and Layout 

The location of a fitness center might seem like a crazy thing to consider when you’re shopping around for a gym, but think about it: Your time is precious. Maybe you’re working or you’re raising a family or you’re doing both. So can you really afford to spend a lot of time fighting traffic and distance in order to squeeze a workout into your schedule? That said, it might be worth looking at what is available within a predetermined radius. Maybe two or three miles or less. That means you need close access when you want to work out. Conversely, you need a gym that is clean and has showers and lockers. If the locker room is so small that you are queued up in line to take a shower you may want to look elsewhere. 


So maybe you’ve found a few fitness centers in the city you live in. The location is close by and has convenient operating hours. Now it’s time to meet the staff. Are they helpful? Friendly? Do they give you the impression that they want to see you succeed or do they just want your money? And do they look fit? What type of message is being sent by a staff that looks like it needs a personal trainer as well? It stands to reason that you will achieve your fitness goals a lot easier if the gym staff is there to motivate you! 


A fitness regimen is a lot more high-tech then it was 20 or 30 years ago. Today, it’s not just about barbells and free weights. There are all types of machines and straps and cables to consider. What you want to accomplish with your body will dictate the type of equipment you use. And the staff should be able to create a workout that is tailor-made for your needs. Whether you want to get big and muscular or ripped to shreds with virtually no body fat is a matter of what equipment you use and how the equipment supports the workout you follow. 

Money Talks 

Notice how we waited until the end before we started talking about money? The price is relative but you should have all the other important factors checked off your list first: Location, operating hours, staff and equipment. If you’re happy with the fitness center and how it operates, the cost may not be nearly as important. But is still counts. So you want to be sure that whatever you’re paying, it is all-inclusive. Some places, like the YMCA for example, charge a monthly fee and everything under the YMCA umbrella is included. Other gyms charge a flat rate per month but anything else besides the weight room costs extra. In this case it pays to choose wisely! 

These are the big issues to consider when searching for a fitness center. The main goal at the fitness center is you and re-inventing yourself in order to reach your fitness goals! 

And speaking of fitness goals, whether it’s a pain in your lower back or advice on living healthier, the professional staff at The Joint, Savannah Twelve Oaks are available to help you become the best you can be!

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