Ancient Crops Provide Maize Of Health Dangers


Researchers in Mexico expressed that genetically modified (GM) corn crop genes tainted the DNA of ancient maize crops in Mexico. The study was published in Molecular Ecology, further finding that food made from GM ingredients has been associated with food allergies, autoimmune problems, and even cancer in humans– as well as “biological pollution” that could lead to harmful genetic material and the potential extinction of plants and animals, the Center for Food Safety alleges.

Former research from 2001 realized that the genetic makeup of Mexican maize was contaminated with genes from GM crops, though the research methods used then were questioned. This recent study examined the traditional corn varieties between 2001 to 2004 and realized that corn in three of 23 locations tested in 2001 were, in fact, contaminated.

This latest research serves as another example that humans aren’t always able to control what happens when they introduce new foods into the environment.

You can lower the demand for GM products by shopping like a skeptic, knowing probable food ingredients, and pushing for food reform.

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