Chiropractic Care Relieves Cerebral Palsy Patients in Savannah

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When it comes to chiropractic care’s numerous discernible wellness benefits, could they extend all the way to symptoms of cerebral palsy?

A 2006 study looked to evaluate existing literature and provide the outcomes experienced by four different children suffering from cerebral palsy after they were administered chiropractic care in order to decrease vertebral subluxation.

Clinical features included four children who’d formerly been diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Each of the children offered objective proof of vertebral subluxation.

With chiropractic intervention aimed at the removal of subluxation, paraspinal surface electromyography and thermography measurements being taken, and 12 visits after, the care providers watched changes in daily activities and overall quality of life in each of the children. Each child conveyed considerable improvement in paraspinal muscle tone– characterized by better symmetry and lowered amplitude– along with a drop in the amount of irregular thermography readings. Each of the four children conveyed drastic improvement in their daily activities indicative of normal lifestyles, from actions like mobility and postural control.

In conclusion, it was found that an improvement in muscle tone, as well as autonomic function paired with improvement in daily living behaviors, happened in 100 percent of the four children following expert chiropractic therapy for reduction of vertebral subluxation. It is further suggested that bigger studies be conducted.

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