Chiropractic Tips For Preventing Tennis Elbow

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Tennis elbow is an extremely painful condition that occurs whenever the tendons in your elbow are overused, most frequently by repetitive motions in the arm and wrist. Tennis elbow doesn’t just cause pain; it can cost sufferers thousands of dollars in lost work and medical bills. 

Despite its name, most people who develop this overuse injury don’t play tennis. It’s most often the result of employment in a repetitive injury. Plumbers, butchers and assembly line workers are at risk for developing this painful condition because of the repetitive movements that accompany their jobs.

Preventing Tennis Elbow

Because tennis elbow is a painful condition that can require weeks to heal properly, your chiropractic team advises you to take certain precautions to prevent this debilitating condition; as with most health-related problems, it’s always best to stop an injury before it occurs than it is to heal one after it has already happened. Here are some common sense ways to protect yourself from tennis elbow, and other overuse injuries.

First, take an inventory of your daily activities, particularly the movements that you make while you’re at work. Do you find that you make the same movements repeatedly at your job? When you get off work, do you feel weak or tender in parts of your body? If so, then you may be at risk for an overuse injury.

To keep your muscles and tendons working properly you need to begin stretching regularly, both before and during work. Take a break every 30 minutes or so and spend a minute or two stretching your body, especially your arms and shoulders. This will keep you flexible and less likely to overexert your tendons.


If you feel as if certain activities are causing tenderness in your elbow, you may want to consider wearing a counterforce brace to perform any movements that require twisting arm movements. These braces are designed to be worn around the forearm and distribute muscle force throughout the entire arm.

You may also want to talk to your doctor of chiropractic about exercises you can perform to strengthen the area. Your chiropractor will be able to work with you on a treatment plan to prevent repetitive motion injuries by helping you to strengthen your muscles and teaching you proper stretching and postural techniques to avoid injury.

You don’t have to be a Wimbledon pro to suffer from tennis elbow. Most sufferers have gone their whole lives without picking up a racket. If you’re at risk for this condition, or if you’re beginning to feel stress and tenderness in your elbow after performing certain tasks, the time has come to talk to your chiropractic team. They’ll be able to perform therapeutic adjustments to alleviate the pain and teach you how to perform your job without injuring yourself.


Always consult your chiropractor or primary care physician for all your health related advice.

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