Exercising In the Water for Better Health

PoolSwimming is a well-known way to lose weight, but let’s face it, some of us just aren’t great endurance swimmers. Lap swimming can often be daunting, especially for beginning to intermediate swimmers, and you can actually injure yourself if you are not using the right stroke technique. 

There are other ways to exercise in the water, however. It can be extremely beneficial to exercise in a pool due to the fact that it reduces the stress on your joints, decreasing your chances of injury. Although you can do many of the following exercises in the shallow end of the pool, you will get more out of your workout by submerging yourself up to your shoulders, and utilizing the whole length of the pool. 

Water Taxi 

Grab a kick board and slide it underneath you so that you are sitting on it as if you were sitting in a chair. Place both arms in front of you, palms facing outwards, and sweep your arms to the side as you would if you were swimming the breaststroke. Attempt to do this across the pool for a satisfactory arm and core workout. 

Deck Dips

Similar to the tricep dips you do on land, face your back toward the side of the pool. Place both arms behind you on the edge of the pool, elbows bent and fingertips facing forward. Then place one leg out in front of you, and one leg bent with your foot flat on the wall. Lift yourself up making sure your arms are straight, then lower yourself until your elbows are bent. Repeat this for 10-15 reps, and switch legs. 

Aqua Teaser

Lift your legs straight up so that your body is sitting in a V shape. Use your hands to tread the water behind you. Keeping your legs straight, left your legs further up, shortening your V shape, and then bring back down to your starting position. Do 15-20 reps, and keep your arms treading for up to a minute.

These exercises are a great way to get a full body exercise, and stay cool in the water rather than sweating it up on land or in the gym. Water resistance is a great way to burn extra calories and build muscle without feeling as intense as running or weight lifting. Remember, although your body is in the water, it’s extremely important to drink a sufficient amount of water before, during, and after your pool exercises!

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