Figuring Out What Foods To Eat After You Exercise


legumesMy appetite varies after I workout. I am either ravenously hungry, reaching for anything in my pantry and fridge, or I have no appetite at all, with even the thought of food making my stomach flop.

Usually it is after those particular intense workouts that I feel a little too exhausted and dehydrated to consider solid food. However, eventually I do get hungry, and I am usually left wondering what exactly I should eat so that I don’t negate my prior workout.

It turns out that there are certain foods that are better to consume after exercising, foods that can help the body recover as well as aid in weight loss. Below are a few tips to go by when nourishing yourself after a tough workout.

Don’t Wait Too Long To Eat 

You should eat within the hour after ending your workout. After you exercise your muscles, joints and bones are all stressed out from the vigorous activity, and it needs help recovering. This is why eating nutritional meals after a workout are so important, they actually help heal the body. In fact, neglecting your body of nourishment after exercising can actually leave it weaker than it was before you go in your workout.

Consider Different Types of Proteins

It is great to eat healthy, lean proteins, especially after a workout. However, you need more to really help your body recover. Healthy fats are essential in this process, and should be a part of every meal. Carbohydrates are also needed after exercise since they help you replenish your energy sources. A smoothie packed with organic whey protein, fruit, spinach and avocado or almond butter is a great example of a nutrient packed, after-work-out meal. If you feel more like solid food, try an egg white omelet filled with greens, avocado and black beans. 

Eat Whole Foods

I know it may sound like a buzzword, but “eating clean” is a real concept that can actually do your body a lot of good. Banning processed foods from your diet and eating organic, natural, whole fruits and vegetables is essential to maintaining a nourished body and mind. Eating this way will also help you get the most out of your workout, allowing your body to function at its optimal level. It will also make you less prone to injury, disease and premature aging. And it tastes good!

Don’t Over Do It

Be realistic about how much you have burned during you workout. If you do 20 minutes on the treadmill and then grab a burger and beer with your friends, you are pretty much negating all that work you just put in. Working out definitely earns you some perks, but don’t over do it. 

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