Find Out If & When it’s Worth Getting Back Together

ex boyfriendFor most people, thinking about getting back with an ex boyfriend or girlfriend makes their skin crawl. This is probably because it is quite rare that a relationship ends amicably, let alone with friendly communication after the breakup. Relationships are called off for certain reasons, reasons that are beyond the point of working out… right?

Well, what if I said that giving your ex a second chance wasn’t always a bad idea? It may seem to go against everything you have been told, but sometimes the one that got away should be caught again. Don’t take that as needing to give any ex a second chance. Some things should stay in the past. However, in certain cases you might want to consider getting back together with that certain someone. Below are a few reasons why maybe it’s worth a shot.

It Was Bad Timing

Sometimes there are reasons out of each person’s control that might have caused the relationship to dissipate. Whether it’s work, school, family or even emotional reasons, the timing could be wrong for one of you to be in a relationship, no matter how amazing that other person is. Fast forward a few years, and enough growth and change could occur that might make it a better time to try things over again. Just make sure that enough time has gone by to ensure that real change has taken place.

You Were Emotionally Unavailable

Usually the person you date right after getting out of a serious relationship is a rebound hook up, even if that person is a great guy or girl. If you have just gone through a breakup, it could be hard to be emotionally open to letting another person in, no matter how perfect that person might actually be. You need to fully heal from your past relationship in order to be with someone else. Which means, if you weren’t moved on before, you probably are now, making it worthwhile to consider that “rebound” again in a more serious way.

It Was A Learning Experience

Sometimes it is easy to get complacent in a relationship, especially if you have been together for a long time. You may have thought that since that spark was gone, then so was the connection. However, through dating other people, you may have realized that what you guys had was the real deal, and you might have made a big mistake by calling it off. If this is the case, the breakup may have actually brought you closer to your ex, making a second chance a good idea.

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