Foods That Shouldn’t Be Fed To Your Kids

The growing bodies and brains of our kids need the proper fuel to keep them energized and happy throughout the day and night.  It is also crucial to make sure that our children are getting all the necessary nutrients they need to support their growth and health.  But how do we know what to feed our kids when there are so many products out there that are marketed to appeal to a younger generation?

The health of your children is of the utmost importance, which is why taking an active role in everything that goes into their mouths can help them develop healthy habits up to and throughout adulthood.  Here are some unhealthy foods that you shoulHappy Meald look out for when you’re shopping for groceries to feed your kids.

Breakfast Cereals

Not all breakfast cereals are created equal – this we are all aware of.  We know that the sugary puffs and the boxes with cartoon characters are probably not the healthiest for our kids, but there are other cereals out there that may not be as healthy as you might think.  Cereals that claim to be organic or whole grain might not be the best for the growing body of your child.  Make sure you read the ingredients list and avoid anything with excess sugar and sodium.

Hot Dogs

These summer treats are often times a favorite among kids, but they might not be the healthiest.  Hot dogs are processed meats that contain nitrates, which can be associated with an increased risk of cancer.  Red meats like hot dogs also have sodium and saturated fats which may increase the risk of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.  Add the carb-filled bun and the unhealthy condiments, and you will be feeding your child a bad meal.  Stick to fresh veggies and lean chicken.

Sugar Juices

Just because a juice is made with fruit, that doesn’t make it good for you or your growing child.  Many fruit juices are chock full of sugar and empty calories that are not good for your kid’s overall function.  It is important to get your child in the habit of enjoying water for hydration and not sodas or other sugary beverages.  You can make your own juice at home with fresh fruit and a blender; this way you can make sure there is no added sugar.

Kid’s Meals

The call of the drive-thru might be tempting after a long day of work and shuttling your children around from school and other activities, but don’t fall victim to the beckoning of fast food.  A kid’s meal can contain over 800 calories, 40 grams of fat, that’s not healthy for anyone, especially the growing body of a child.  While some chains are now offering healthier options like fruit to their kid’s meals, it is still better to make their meals at home so you can control what they are eating.


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