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Fitness Apps

Free is always good and what’s better than free fitness apps to keep you focused in the gym or during the day? I’m no computer whiz but I’m smart enough to know that fitness apps can help you track your workouts, how your sleep and even how and what you are eating every day. Which apps are the best ones? Here are some that I got wind of in the gym between sets. You can also get more information on most of these from Take a peak, take notes and always repeat the Fitness App mantra: Free is Good. Free is good. Free is Good. 

Staying Fit for Free

RunKeeper: Kind of like your personal GPS, Daily Burn says RunKeeper “gives runners the ability to track speed and distance while on the track or on the streets plus it comes with features such as auto-stop.” RunKeeper allows you to tune in to your own playlists, and it can speak over the music to give you updates at specified distances or times.

Fitocracy: How can you concentrate on that next set if you’re worrying about where you left your workout journal? According to its website, the Fitocracy app “Takes the look and feel of the gaming world and applies it to the fitness realm.” You can log your workout and even gain points based on difficulty, weight and various other factors. Hit your benchmarks and proceed to the next level. Progress is funny that way.

StrongLifts: If you’re aiming to boost your squat and deadlift personal bests, look no further. The StrongLifts app guides users through three workouts a week consisting of only three exercises each day. The app also times rest periods and tells lifters when to increase their weight or ratchet back a notch.

C25K: Just running to the bathroom can be a big enough challenge for me. Forget anything longer!  With the Couch to 5K app you won’t sweat the small stuff. Daily Burn gives this a thumbs up because the app takes users through an eight-week program with three workouts a week. The goal is to encourage new runners to complete a 5K at the end of the cycle no matter what shape they start in. You literally start with baby steps: A combination of walking and running and before you know it you’re running up the steps of the Philly Museum of Art humming the theme song to Rocky.

GymBoss Interval Timer: With the GymBoss Interval Timer app, you will always know when it’s time to do your next set. According to GymBoss, “This app makes it easy for users to time just about anything, from multi-exercise circuits to cardio intervals.”

No Substitute for Hard Work

The real work still needs to be accomplished by you, but with these free fitness apps you won’t have any problems staying focused. Of course you still have to put in the time at the gym or the track in order to see success. Still, these mobile trackers and timers state-of-the-art and will impress your friends and your foes no matter if you’re in or out of the gym. You can still carry around a notebook but the convenience of a phone app is hard to beat.

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