How to De-Stress Each Day

The contemporary world is full of stressors.  We have so many responsibilities each day whether they be at work, home or both.  It is no doubt that we all have a lot to get done, but is this pressure putting excess stress on your body and mind?  Stress can not only affect your mental capacities but it can also take a physical toll on your body as well.

Excessive stress can lead to increased risk of heart disease and even depression.  Even though some moderate forms of stress can be effective to motivate and push us to excel in the things we do, unnecessary stress can come with serious consequences.  This is why it is crucial to find time to unwind and de-stress.  It doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming either.

DeStressCheck out these easy ways to de-stress today:

Take a Walk

Standing up and going for a 10 minute walk can do wonders for your stress levels.  It will feel good to stretch out your legs and breathe some fresh air.  Walking can also boost the endorphins in your brain that help reduce stress hormones.  Walking will help your mind because you can take this time as a break from everything, so you can free your mind and simply relax.

Practice Deep Breathing

You can focus on your breathing anywhere you are.  If you’re at work at your desk or even if you’re at home chasing the kids around, you can take a few minutes to sit back and take a deep breath.  Practicing some breathing exercises can help relieve tension and these deep breaths can stimulate the parasympathetic reaction which will calm you down.

Have a Healthy Snack

When you’re stressed out, reach for a healthy snack like a handful of almonds or an apple.  This will help you calm down and you will in turn decrease your stress.  Focus on the food you’re eating, taking the time to savor each bite and enjoy your healthy snack.  Nothing is more stressful than when the body is hungry, so a snack might just be what you need.

Step Away From All Electronic Devices

All the time you may be spending in front of your computer may be adding to your stress levels.  Take a minute to walk away from your computer or turn off your cell phone.  Constant computer use has been linked to stress, depression, and lost sleep in women according to a recent study.  This is why it is important to take breaks when you can.  Also, try to disconnect from your computer and phone at least an hour before you go to sleep.

Stress relief and relaxation are attainable if you carve out a few moments each day.  By taking this time to de-stress, you will be protecting your health and your happiness.


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