Is Juicing Worth It?

Organic. Cold-pressed. Raw. Juicing is a craze that is only getting crazier. New juice spots are constantly popping up in neighborhoods across the country, and all of them offer a juice cleanse kit. Some are just for a few days, while others can last up to 3 weeks. These cleanses are not for the light of heart. You’re probably a pretty hardcore person to sustain yourself purely on liquid, but is putting yourself through the mental and physical struggle really worth it? We listened to what Brad Pilon, author of “Eat Stop Eat,” researcher and pioneer in the fasting movement, had to say about the juicing phenomena.

First off, most of the claims being made about the health benefits of juice cleansing are just purely false. The only way to let your body truly cleanse itself is by letting it go through the process of autophagy, or cellular cleansing. This can only be efficiently done through fasting, meaning no nutrients, especially nutrient-rich juice. Even just having a small meal (or juice) during a fast can offset the autophagic process and hinder its effects. 

This doesn’t mean that juicing is bad for you. It just isn’t going to give your body a real cleanse. Of course consuming highly nutritious foods in a concentrated drink is going to be beneficial to your body, immune system, metabolism, etc. It will even help with weight loss. If you are only drinking a couple hundred calories a day of juice vs. three square meals a day, of course you are going to start shedding pounds. However, that isn’t due to the magic of the juice. It’s merely due to the lesser amount of calories you are eating. Just be careful, you can’t live on juice forever, and when you go back to food, more likely than not you will put the weight back on. It just mathematically makes sense. 

So if you are really looking for a way to cleanse your body and get rid of toxins, fasting is the more viable option. When you allow your body to start the autophagic process it can boost cell function and curb muscle loss in your old age. With juicing, you might lose weight, but you’re just not going to repair your body like you would during a fast. 

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