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Chiropractic care, for me, used to be little more than an old wives’ tale, an urban myth, total folklore. I mean, how was I supposed to believe that simple ergonomic adjustments like the ones chiropractors use on their patients could really provide relief from many health conditions?

But then, the epiphany I’d been waiting for happened right in front of me: I witnessed one of my best friend’s body go from broken down and in pain to totally functional and ready-to-go after he tried chiropractic care for only a couple weeks. Seeing this really opened my eyes to the truth that this holistic therapy approach is more legitimate than I gave it credit for!

But what do my anecdotal experiences do for you? After all, I’m guessing many of you haven’t had similar experiences with chiropractic care yet to confirm or deny the evidence I’m so convinced I found. But don’t take my word for it: totally objective research has repeatedly found that chiropractic care can bring symptom relief to many different health problems, too. In fact, the mounting evidence for chiropractic care’s benefits has led to even the most unbelieving of medical experts tipping their respective caps to the holistic truth from across the globe.

Chiropractic care could even relieve symptoms of optic nerve dysfunction leading to visual impairment, as one 62-yr-old man who’d suffered from partial blindness in his right eye found. Spinal manipulation treatment was administered to the patient, leading to complete resolution of the existing scotoma in the vision of his afflicted eye. In fact, meticulous examinations uncovered evidence that the patient experienced significant recovery at each spinal manipulation therapy session!

In conclusion, the apparent benefit of chiropractic care for the “recovery of vision with each spinal adjustment” finds it necessary to admit that more chiropractic treatments might be superior to fewer chiropractic treatments, or none at all, when it comes to such conditions as visual impairment.

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