Should I Crack My Own Back, Neck, Fingers? Can I Get a Friend to Crack My Back?

A chiropractor conducts a very careful assessment, which includes a thorough discussion of past and present medical history of the patient, and a comprehensive examination. During the medical history, the doctor is able to identify areas of the patient’s body that are not functioning at their optimal level and are producing noticeable symptoms. During the examination, the doctor […]

Is It Bad If My Body Pops And Cracks During The Adjustment?

Many people are unfamiliar with the mechanism of the popping sound that occurs during a chiropractic adjustment. Here is the mechanism: synovial fluid in your joints contains oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide gases, approximately 80% is carbon dioxide. When a chiropractor adjusts, the joint capsule is rapidly stretched, which in turn increases the volume of the joint by 15-20%. This […]

Do I Need X-Rays?

The initial visit includes completing appropriate paperwork and explaining to the doctor your goals in seeking chiropractic care. The Chiropractic physician will take a detailed history and consultation followed by a chiropractic examination. If further testing, including but not limited to the taking of x-rays, are required the doctor will work with you to refer you to […]

Do Adjustments Hurt?

You may feel immediate improvement after an adjustment, although most people experience gradual, progressive relief of symptoms. Since adjustments restore motion to previously locked joints, ligaments and tendons begin to stretch back to their normal length. This lengthening may cause slight muscle soreness similar to that brought on by rigorous exercise. If you experience these […]

Foods That Can Help You Lose Weight

What if there was a magical food that tasted amazingly delicious and helped us reach our weight loss goals?  Unfortunately there is no such food that makes us trim and in shape, but there are a few powerful super foods that can actually promote our body’s fat burning properties.  Reaching and maintaing an ideal weight […]