Tips for Beating Your Social Anxiety

Social anxiety can be downright awful, even causing you to feel like you never want to leave your house. This kind of anxiety can leave you with feelings of impending doom or dread, paranoia, severe physical discomfort while interacting with individuals, quickened heart rate, sweating, blushing, and an inability to communicate to others properly. The […]

Fun With Fennel — Seriously

Fennel, generally utilized in Mediterranean cuisine, is a bulb like plant and part of the flowering plant species. Although fennel is a popular food to cook with, and actually an ingredient in absinthe, it holds a lot of medicinal properties and has multiple health benefits.  Medicinal Purposes  Fennel is often utilized for digestive issues such […]

We’re Nuts for Coconut Oil

In the last few years coconut oil has become all the rage. You almost feel as if you can’t look up a home remedy without coconut oil being one of your options. This is because the benefits of coconut oil are simply no joke! Coconut oil has been essential in many women’s beauty routines. This […]

Your Diet May Consist of Too Many Carbs

Pasta, bread, cereal, crackers, chips, that really sounds like all of the good stuff to a carb-junkie like myself. Those are pretty much all of my favorite foods, and a few of those are probably your favorites too! If you’re a carb-lover like myself, you might notice that it takes several handfuls of chips, or […]

Eating to Lose!

You’re sitting there crunching on some celery one afternoon, smiling to yourself about how healthy your choice is. Well guess what? It may be even healthier than you think! Celery is a zero calorie food, meaning that you are actually burning more calories eating the food than the amount of calories the food actually contains. […]

Your Body & How It Reacts to Sugar

You wake up and start your day, what do you have for breakfast? Let’s say you eat a donut and have a regular coffee with cream and sugar. At lunch, when you’re most likely starving again, if you haven’t already broken into your snack drawer, you opt for something like pizza or a big sandwich. […]