People Fighting Fibromyalgia Experience Victory With Chiropractic Care in Savannah

The JointWhen it comes to chiropractic care, could Fibromyalgia be effectively treated with consistent therapy?

A recent study looked to analyze the short-term and one-year follow-up results of connective tissue manipulation along with combined ultrasound (US) therapy (US and high-voltage pulsed galvanic stimulation) for the disorder. Researched evaluated this using pain, subject complaint of nonrestorative sleep, and affect on the functional activities in subjects afflicted with fibromyalgia (FM) as primary measuring tools.

The study served as an observational prospective cohort study, consisting of 20 female patients who had FM. Pain severity, grievances of nonrestorative sleep, and affect of FM on functional activities were analyzed using visual analogue scales. All analyzations were used both before and after 20 sessions of therapy that involved connective tissue manipulation of the back every day for 20 sessions, as well as combined US therapy of the upper back area every other session. An annual follow-up examination was conducted on 14 subjects, and a Friedman test was used to evaluate time-dependent alterations.

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Researchers found that statistical analyses displayed pain intensity, impact of FM on functional activities, and complaints of nonrestorative sleep as being vastly improved following the chiropractic treatment initiated during the study.

In conclusion, the tactics used during this study appeared to be beneficial in relieving pain intensity, grievances of nonrestorative sleep, and affect on functional activities in patients with FM.

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