Simple Tips For Mental Wellness

Do you have a frienSmiled who is the eternal optimist?  Do you often wonder what makes happy people quite so, well, happy?  There is no secret magical fountain of sunshine that they are drinking from.  Happy and positive people have several habits in common.  There is a correlation between how we think and the things we do.

If you’ve ever wanted to worry less and be more positive, there are habits that you can easily emulate.  Experts claim that 60 percent of happiness is determined by the world around us and our genetics, but the other 40 percent is determined by what we do.  Thus, we can take action to improve our moods and increase our overall happiness.

Check out these habits of extremely happy and content people that you can easily incorporate into your own life:

Surround Yourself With Other Happy People

Happiness and joy are contagious.  If you are feeling down in the dumps, have a talk or meet up with a happy or positive friend.  Their mood can help to uplift you.  If you are constantly surrounded by positive people, you may just end up looking at things more optimistically because of them.  Just seeing an authentic smile or grin can help to make you feel the same way.

Be Resilient

People who are generally happy are also resilient.  No one is immune from depression or their sad moments, but people who are happy know how to deal with these unpleasant feelings.  Happy people understand that depression does not have to be all-consuming.  They deal with tragedy and angst and try to learn from it and grow.

Be Mindful of the Good Things

Happy people tend to put things into perspective.  They appreciate the good things and don’t get overwhelmed by the bad stuff.  It is important for all of our mental wellness to celebrate the positive things.  Happy people tend to give special attention to even the smallest accomplishments.  Minding the good things can help you become more appreciative.

Give Time to Giving

Statistics show that people who are extremely happy usually volunteer or are doing something to give back to others.  Whether it’s working with children or helping to clean up a beach, happy people go out of their way to give back to the community.  Doing volunteer work can help you appreciate what you have and be thankful.  By developing an appreciation for all the privileges you have, you can become more generally content.  Happy people tend to also spend money on their friends and family too.

Make an Effort to Really Listen

Sometimes it’s difficult to fully engage in a deep conversation when there are so many things going on in your life, but it is important to make sure that you actively listen to people you care about.  Don’t get involved in gossip or idle small talk, make sure you listen to what someone is telling you and understand where they are coming from.


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