The Beauty Secrets of Tea

teaWho would have thought that the best anti-aging treatment has been in our cabinets this whole time. It turns out that tea is one of the most powerful age-fighters out there. It is full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatories that keep skin looking young, supple and smooth. The best thing about it is that tea is relatively cheap, especially when you compare it to all those pricey creams and serums on the market. Below are a few reasons why you should use tea to benefit your skin and help you look like a younger, fresher version of yourself.

Cancer Fighting Properties

It turns out that green tea can fight skin cancer due to its polyphenols. These properties improve DNA repair, which leads to combating non-melanoma skin cancers. It’s hard to say how much to drink in order to reap these benefits, but in general 2-4 cups a day is recommended. Just be mindful of the caffeine content so you don’t keep yourself up all night.

Skin Smoothing Abilities

Green tea extract has been shown to keep skin significantly smoother and more hydrated than any other moisturizer. In order to apply these benefits, buy a body lotion with at least six percent green tea extract. You should also notice an improved elasticity in your epidermis. 

Gets Rid of Bags Under Your Eyes

Caffeinated tea like black and green leaf can help lessen the signs of puffy eyes. The caffeine causes blood vessels to constrict, reducing the puffiness. The tea also contains the polyphenol EGCG which soothes inflammation that can occur under the eye. The best way to get these benefits is by soaking tea bags in hot water for a couple minutes before freezing them over night. In the morning, you can use the bags as cold compresses on the eyes for 5 minutes. You should see immediate results. 

Evens Out Skin Tone

If you like drinking kombucha, an ancient fermented black tea beverage, for its health benefits, then you may be happy to hear that you can now start using it topically to get equally amazing results on your skin. Research has shown that it helps improve skin texture by increasing moisture content, as well as creating a more even skin tone. 

Soothes Sunburns

Green tea is packed with anti-inflammation properties, making it the ideal solution for burned skin. Soaking in a cold bath steeped with about a dozen or so green tea bags will not only make your skin feel better, but it will calm you down in general. Just make sure you are using organic products for your bath, since it will limit the amount of unwanted chemicals absorbed into your body.

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