The Best and Worst Health Gifts to Give This Year

couponsEveryone is looking to give the perfect gift this time of year. However, gift giving can be a bit tricky when one of your friends or family members is on a diet. You obviously want to support their efforts of getting healthier, and by giving them a healthy gift is a great way to show your support. Pay close attention to this gift guide to know the best and worst weight loss gifts to give, so that you don’t offend anyone on your list this year.

  1. Gourmet Goods: Every store is packed with baskets containing delicious gourmet goods. While these make nice gifts for anyone, a basket full of high-calorie desserts is not in the best interest of someone dieting. However, you can still give them a gourmet gift basket in your price range. There are several gift baskets that contain organic fruit and nuts. There are also gift baskets that are just teas or coffee. You can even make your own basket by putting together healthy goodies from a health store.
  2. Gadgets: Many people find themselves in the kitchen more once they start eating healthier. For those people, gadgets such as an ice tea maker, zester, spiralizer, and more may be just what they wanted. Remember to avoid giving food scales or bathroom scales. Both can be very offensive, unless the individual asked for it.
  3. Cooking Class: A fun gift to consider is a cooking class. There are a lot of different whole food cooking classes available that help teach gourmet cooking techniques, while still keeping the dish healthy. If you are afraid that this gift may be offensive, sign yourself up too for a fun time.
  4. Fitness Gear: If the giftee is already into a certain exercise, then you can give them something nice in the activity they love to do. For example, runners may need a nice running jacket for the winter. If the person you are buying for does not currently work out, then fitness gear would be a bad idea. You don’t want to look as if you are telling the person to work out.
  5. Memberships and Subscriptions: Other fun health-orientated gift ideas include healthy magazine subscriptions and fruit of the month club. It is a bad idea to get a gym membership or certificate to a personal trainer, again unless the specifically asked for it.
  6. Gift Certificates: Gift certificates do not have to be impersonal! Of course you can give gift cards to healthy restaurants and health stores. A certificate for a chiropractic adjustment or massage is even better, since the gift is unique and thoughtful, as well as being helpful to their physical needs.

Finding the perfect present for an individual can be challenging, but it is not impossible. Sometimes it is better to just ask what the personal would really like this year and buy it for them or give them a gift card to help them buy it.

Remember to always consult your chiropractor or doctor before taking any health advice.

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