The Healthiest, Most Unknown Veggies

kabochaWe all know about peas, carrots and broccoli. Of course these veggies are good for you, but, let’s be honest, they can get a little boring. Many of us use these common vegetables most of the time because they are kid friendly, easy to find and we all know how to cook them. However, sometimes we need a little variety to spice things up.

It is time to make eating your vegetables fun and exciting (I know, seems like an oxymoron, right?) Well, it’s not! Veggies can be unique and delicious, bumping any meal up to that next level when done right. Below are some of the more unknown vegetables that not only taste great, but offer amazing nutritional benefits. 


Despite its weird name, the kohlrabi plant is actually not that weird at all. This type of cabbage can be eaten from top to bottom, including the leaves. It is one of the most nutritious foods you can eat on the planet, so it is a wonder that not more people know about it. It contains every vitamin and mineral necessary to the body, making it a great fighter of all diseases. Slice it thin on a mandolin to make a crunchy, nutritious slaw.


Similar tasting to the butternut squash, this Asian vegetable has been called the Japanese pumpkin. The squash contains beta-carotene, is low calorie and is a great source of vitamin A. It’s nutritional content helps strengthen hair and nails, while also improving eye sight. Roasted or steamed, the kabocha is a great staple for the kitchen.


Do not be afraid of these little nuggets on first glance. Although they do slightly resemble a grub, they are actually a vegetable related to the artichoke. They are great eaten raw, but can also be roasted to bring out their complex flavors. Crosnes have sweet, nutty notes, making them great for salads, or even as a great afternoon snack.


If you like sweet potatoes then you are going to love the oca vegetable. Tasting similar to a yam, these smaller root vegetables are best known in South America. They contain iron, vitamin C and potassium, most notably. Although considered a vegetables, it is sweet enough to be mistaken as a fruit. It might be a good idea to switch this out with your normal after-dinner dessert to satisfy your sweet tooth.

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