The Most Common Mistakes Men Make in Relationships

husbandAs a woman, I will admit that we can be a pretty confusing species to figure out. I can’t speak for us all, but I know that when it comes to interacting with the opposite sex, and my boyfriend in particular, I expect him to pretty much understand me, know what I want and need, and to be able to communicate with me. I guess when I write it all down it may sound a tad demanding, but in the heat of the moment, it seems perfectly logical.

I guess we should cut men some slack when it comes to expecting them to just know how to relate to such complex creatures that women are, but that doesn’t take away from some of the obvious mistakes some men make with us that they NEED to learn how to fix. So, listen up men, below are the biggest blunders you guys make when it comes to interacting with us, and some advice on how to handle things a little better next time. 

Not Listening

It’s not just a stereotype that men don’t listen when their girlfriends or wives are talking to them. This can be almost maddening to women. Not only does this make them feel ignored and unappreciated, but it is also quite baffling. The reason women like to talk so much is because they actually experience a natural high when they bond with someone through communication. The female brain gets bursts of dopamine through this type of conversation, making them eager to chat it up with people. Men, however, don’t experience this type of high, causing them to naturally tune out unnecessary conversation. If you want to score points, at least make eye contact and nod.

Not Helping Around The House

Most men have grown up with the dynamic of their mothers working around the house as their fathers went off to work. Their moms probably have done their laundry, made their meals and cleaned up their rooms for them most of their lives, so they naturally fall into this role when they move in with their partners. This can be an unfair situation in most relationships, causing the woman to feel a lot of pressure. If you are unsure if you should help out, the go-to answer is yes. Even just sweeping and dusting once a week can make a big difference in a relationship.

Not Understanding What to Gift

Men can sometimes find it hard to understand that their partners don’t necessarily want the same things they want. They can’t fathom why their partner wouldn’t want the newest gaming console or that huge poster of her favorite baseball team. Women need to understand that most men aren’t doing this on purpose. It is a concept called self-referential, meaning that they think another person is just like them. Men need to understand that women have different wants and needs and by merely asking their partner’s what those needs are will help them out in the future.

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