The Perks of Having a Happy Marriage

marriageEven though we live in a time where marriage is starting to look more and more like an archaic social construct, there must be at least a few reasons as to why it’s a good idea to some people. For one, it makes taxes a heck of a lot easier, and it is nice to know that there is someone to look after you in case a medical emergency arises, but what if there was an even better reason to tie the knot?

It turns out that if you are lucky enough to be happily married, then you’re way more likely than the single folk to live a longer, healthier life. I guess this is a way for the universe to thank you for sticking it out with the same person for so long. Nonetheless, it is a pretty sweet perk. Below are a few more specific ways that marriage positively impacts your life. So, give yourself and your partner a pat on the back. You guys deserve it. 

You Become More Healthy

It’s likely that if you are in a loving marriage then you are not going to be engaging in high risk behaviors that can be dangerous to your health. This can translate to less binge drinking, smoking, illicit drug taking and promiscuity. If you aren’t partaking in these activities than you aren’t going to spread sexually transmitted diseases or acquire many of the diseases that go along with alcohol abuse and long term tobacco use.

However, on a more basic level, people are also more likely to eat better, exercise more and get a better night’s sleep. Marriage grounds people, causing them to live a more structured life, filled with more of the healthy stuff.

You Know Someone Is Looking Out For You

As we get older it gets a little harder to take care of ourselves. I don’t necessarily mean this in terms of being able to provide for yourself, but in the sense of needing a reminder to drink your smoothie instead of ordering a chocolate muffin, or getting that extra push to go to the gym when you would otherwise lay on the couch binge watching television. Having someone there to help you make the right decisions can sometimes make the difference between life and death.

You’re Heart Is In Good Hands

Living with chronic stress can lead to a wide array of heart problems. From high blood pressure to insomnia to obesity. All these diseases can lead to heart attack, stroke or cancer. Marriage to a loving, supportive partner can reduce your stress levels, which in turn reduces your risk of going into cardiac arrest.

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