The Truth About Vitamin Drips

liquid vitaminsAs embarrassing as it may be, I first learned about vitamin drips from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The character Yolanda was hooked up to what looked like an IV fitted with a bag filled with a reddish fluid. Since she was up walking around with her IV on wheels, it didn’t seem like anything was seriously wrong with her, so I became intrigued as to what a vitamin drip actually was. Upon further research, I realized it was a fad of sorts made famous by celebrities such as Rihanna and Madonna, who wanted a kick of energy before a performance. However, recently us common folk have started seeking out vitamin IV treatments as well. 

This medical treatment is not FDA-approved, but can still be prescribed by US doctors. It includes a combination of various vitamins, such as B vitamins, vitamin C, magnesium and calcium, that get intravenously injected into the body in large doses. These aren’t amounts anyone could take with an average supplement. We are talking doses of up to 300 times more than the recommended daily percentage. Ideally, patients would use this vitamin boost to help with ailments such as fatigue, depression, muscle spasm, migraines, asthma and even cancer, but now more people are going in to get this treatment to cure a hangover or shake off jet lag. 

Although patients claim to feel more energetic after getting their vita-boost, the medical community has mixed feelings about the treatment. Medical director at Earthbar Peter Weiss is an advocate for the vitamin drips. Although he puts importance on maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle, he believes that these drips can act as a kind of super supplement that can re-install the body with lost nutrients that we aren’t getting through food or oral vitamins. 

On the other hand, physician and author Michael Finkelstein is not so sure about the alleged health benefits. He feels the evidence just isn’t there to justify the risks of getting an IV on a regular basis. We also do not yet know of the long term risks of vitamin drips since it is a relatively new procedure. 

If you don’t want take the risk of getting an IV, there are more natural ways to feel energized- get a good night’s sleep, keep your stress in check, make time to see people that make you happy and get your RHOBH on. 

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