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We all know a horrible smell or two that can make concentrating on anything but that pungent aroma nearly impossible.  Bad scents can be horrific and they can occur without warning, but what if the opposite was true for good smells?  If you think of certain smells that you find pleasant or remind you of a good memory, it can have an impact on you more so than just your nostrils.

According to a recent survey, good smells can have a positive impact on individuals.  In fact, certain pleasant aromas actually made quality of sleep better.  Just imagine how difficult it might be to sleep if you are in a room full of awful smelling garbage; well then wouldn’t the similar effect of a room full of roses occur?

Research done by the National Sleep Foundation recorded that sleepers from the United States, Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Germany and Japan all felt more relaxed in a room that smelled good.  78 percent of US respondents agreed with the statement, “I feel more relaxed in my bed if my bedroom has a fresh, pleasant scent.”  78 percent of Canadians agreed; a whopping 92 percent of Mexicans agreed, 86 percent of UK residents agreed; 90 percent of Germans; and only 41 percent of Japanese concurred with the statement.

“Studies have shown that scent plays a powerful role in relaxation and memory-building,” states David Cloud, CEO of the National Sleep Foundation, “Having a pleasant scent and a relaxing bedroom routine can contribute to a good night’s sleep.”

In a recent German study, it was reported that smelling jasmine was found to have similar sleep promoting results as an anti-anxiety medication.  This scent also showed to help calm nerves and promote relaxation.  Both jasmine and lavender have been found to promote relaxation and in turn, foster better quality sleep.

Whether you’re a fan of these specific scents or not, there is something to be taken from these studies.  If you’re having difficulty sleeping, it may be the way your bedroom smells.  Whether you realize it or not, there may be some unpleasant odors lurking in your room.  Make sure that all your dirty laundry is picked up.  Be sure that there are no stray filthy socks hiding underneath your bed.  Vacuum your room regularly and change your sheets once a week so that you will be preventing any unpleasant smells that can disturb your sleep at night.

Once you know your room is free of odor, try some jasmine to see if it will help you get better quality sleep.  There are many scented candles or essential oils that you can use to create a relaxing sleep-promoting environment.  Make these scents make sense to you.


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