Tips for Beating Your Social Anxiety


Social anxiety can be downright awful, even causing you to feel like you never want to leave your house. This kind of anxiety can leave you with feelings of impending doom or dread, paranoia, severe physical discomfort while interacting with individuals, quickened heart rate, sweating, blushing, and an inability to communicate to others properly. The embarrassment you feel from your anxiety can cause an even higher level of anxiety than you had before.

It’s important to know the difference between general nervousness and an actual anxiety attack. It is common to feel nervous in a new situation, however if you do not feel the nervousness going away, or if the symptoms worsen you are likely suffering for social anxiety.

Fortunately, there are a number of ways to help you control your social anxiety. 

How to Overcome Your Anxiety

One way to help beat your anxiety is to willingly put yourself in a social situation. You have already gained control by being the one who is making the conscious effort to be around people. Whether or not it was a successful outing, it was worth it, because you have managed to overcome half the battle of your anxiety! 

Be Patient

Part of social anxiety is a feeling of impatience, however you must remain patient with the situations you are in as well as remaining patient with yourself. Being patient with yourself will allow you to be okay with the often long process of overcoming your anxiety. 

Dig Deep 

It’s important you take time out of your day to self-reflect and even meditate as these practices can help create calmness in what you may feel to be a high-tension situation. Daily journaling, exercise, mediation, and yoga, can be ways to help you dig deep and find a more confident you!

Know Your Worth

Part of social anxiety is feeling worthless, uninteresting, or just feeling downright awkward in a social situation. It is important to know that you are worthy and that you are on an equal playing field as your peers; that will be an important mantra to have as you journey through defeating your social anxiety. 

Truly, this kind of anxiety can be the worst, but battling it and overcoming it can be worth every awkward, uncomfortable moment, every awful social situation you have ever been in. You may feel as if you’re a butterfly emerging from a cocoon once you have beat your social anxiety. 

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