Toddlers With Colic Offered Symptom Relief With Chiropractic in Savannah

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Could infant colic be a thing of the past with expert chiropractic care?

Though comprehensive investigation about the relief of long-term symptoms of infant colic in toddlers is a rather unlooked at realm of research, a 2009 study looked to document all behavioral or sleep disruptions experienced by toddlers who had been diagnosed with colic previously and had more recently been administered chiropractic care compared with colic toddlers who had not experienced this therapy.

Researchers used two groups of children who were sampled from English clinic records out of a chiropractic clinic, as well as from a child care center nearby. Patients were accepted into the treatment group if they had been treated for infant colic with frequent low-force chiropractic manual therapy. The nontreatment group was made up of post-colicky children in the same age group who hadn’t been given chiropractic care for their colic during infancy. A survey for parents of 117 post-colicky toddlers in a treatment group and 111 toddlers in the nontreatment group was also conducted.

What researchers found was that toddlers who were administered chiropractic care for colic were a surprising twice as likely to not experience long-term continued symptoms of infant colic, including behaviors like temper tantrums and continuous nocturnal waking when compared with infants who were not administered chiropractic care as colicky infants.

To conclude, untreated post-colicky infants showed negative behavioral patterns at two to three years of age. Parents of infants given chiropractic care for excessive crying during this study failed to report as many troublesome behavioral and sleep patterns of their toddlers; these findings indicate that chiropractic care for infants with colic could help relieve symptoms long-term.

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