Two Common Health Mistakes Often Made By Women

womanThere are some medical issues that we tend to classify as being either a male or female problem. Breast cancer is generally seen as a woman’s issue, while heart attack is generally thought of as a condition that affects mostly men, both of which actually can affect both genders, and do so frequently. The truth is that viewing diseases as male or female can be potential fatal, especially if it causes an individual to dismiss it as being a possible illness that may affect them. Not only should people be aware of all conditions they are susceptible too, but they need to know what to look out for. Below are two of the most common health mistakes that women seem to make more than men do. 

Mistake: Not Understanding Some Important Things About Your Heart

Like I touched on before, heart attacks are seen in the media generally as a disease that affects mainly men. However, a woman can come down with heart disease just as easily as a man can, with it being the biggest killer of both genders. One of the main reasons that women do not get treated for heart attacks as quickly as they should, is because they do not know that they may experience symptoms differently than a man does. This is such an issue in fact that it is causing women under fifty years old to die twice as more as men are from the same issue. This is because women wait to get help, since in many cases they thought that they were not at risk of having a heart attack, so they thought there heart attack symptoms were due to another reason.

Mistake: Judging Whether You Have Gained Weight or Not By How Your Clothes Fit

Most women shun the scale. It can be both intimidating and maddening to feel like you have to weigh yourself everyday, so many women just don’t do it. They keep track of their weight by paying attention to how their clothes feel. Although this can be a successful gauge on whether you are putting on a few pounds here or there, it will only help if the clothes you are using to judge this are close fitting. It could take as much as 10 pounds to push you into a bigger pant size, while if you had used the scale you would have caught the weight gain before it got to that point. In order to keep yourself in check, use the scale one a week, not every day.

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