Understand Your Body By Understanding Your Acne


It’s not uncommon to blame a breakout of acne on simple things like stress from work, or dessert from the night before, but the truth of the matter is our acne could be telling us a lot more about our bodies than we are comprehending. By noting the location of acne when a breakout occurs, we can unlock the secrets our bodies are trying to tell us. 

Chin Breakouts

Chin breakouts are generally associated with hormones. Women often breakout around their chins and mouths during menstruation or pregnancy. Chin pimples are also indicators of stress and issues with the stomach. Eat food and drink herbal teas that will help with digestion. Be sure to eat a lot of greens and be proactive about controlling your stress and getting a sufficient amount sleep.  

Cheek Breakouts

Interestingly enough, breakouts on the cheek indicate respiratory issues. This may be due to smoking cigarettes, or seasonal allergies. Also be aware of cell phone usage, and dirty sheets or pillows. It might be good to get some fresh air, and clear your lungs.

Forehead Breakouts

Forehead breakouts are generally consistent with diet. Forehead acne may be telling us to ease up on those fatty and sugary foods, and start drinking more water. 

Nasal Breakouts

Breakouts on the tip of the nose are sometimes correlated with high-blood pressure. It might be good to rid of foods that are higher in cholesterol such as red meats. Another reason for bad nasal breakups is often due to the build up of makeup in that area. It may be time to change your make-up, or do an exfoliating scrub. 

T-Zone Breakouts

Breakouts in the T-zone are indicators of a stressed liver. Slow down the alcohol and dairy intake, and get a sufficient amount of exercise and sleep. 

Temple Breakouts

If you’re breaking out around your temples, this tends to mean that you are dehydrated, and your kidneys are begging you for some water.

As you may have noticed, drinking water is an extremely common antidote to our embarrassing breakouts. Be sure to drink about nine to thirteen 8oz glasses of water a day. Another solution is to cut out those refined sugars, and fatty foods. They are often packed with extra, unnatural chemicals that are not only detrimental to our skin, but to the rest of our body! Remember, your skin is the largest organ on the human body, and your greatest ally in keeping you protected, therefore it’s time for you to listen to your skin so you can begin protecting it!

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