Understanding the Real Cause of Your Belly Fat

belly fatNot only is belly fat unattractive, but it is actually the most dangerous type of fat we hold on our bodies. This type of body fat increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, especially in male adults. However, it is safe to say that it wouldn’t hurt if both genders collectively lost a few inches around their middle. Many people try to implement fad diets into their life in order to drop the weight fast, but this never keeps the weight off for good. In order to really benefit from having a flat stomach it is important make healthy eating a way of life, not just a quick fix. Below are some of the best ways to drop the pounds and improve your health all around.

Staying Active

The best way to lose any type of weight is through exercise. Staying active will help you drop the weight fast and keep it off. Regular exercise will tighten up your muscles, burn off fat and make your a physically stronger person. Moderate exercise three to five times a week for thirty minutes a session is the most efficient way to start slimming down. Keeping up with your cardio is key to get the most out of your workout routine and boost your metabolism.

Ditching the Sugary Treats

Doctors have found a link between eating sugar and packing on the belly weight. Just a can of soda a day adds eight teaspoons of sugar to your diet, way above the amount that you should be eating or drinking in a single serving. Just swapping out sugary drinks and snacks for water and whole fruits will drastically cut down your sugar intake. However, if you really want to get serious about reducing your belly, taking added sugar out of your diet all together will dramatically help get your stomach under control.

Say No To Desserts 

Many people feel like it is okay to indulge in a dessert after their meals. However, unless you are treating yourself to a fruit salad or a square of dark chocolate, chances are the calories and fat from your after dinner treat are adding up to an entire second meal, and an unhealthy one at that. Saying no to desserts will help you take unnecessary calories out of your diet, this includes desserts labeled fat-free and sugar-free. 

Limit Your Beer Intake

We all know that a beer gut is a real thing, and although some big bellies are made from other factors as well, drinking beer isn’t helping. Limiting your beer consumption to just a couple on the weekends, as opposed to every night will reduce your calorie intake and get you on track to flattening that pooch for good.

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