Weight Loss: Getting Off the Scale


If you are currently on a weight loss journey, you may be checking the scale on a weekly or even daily basis. We often place all of our energy while dieting into the scale and losing poundage. When we do, we are slaves to the scale! We might want to rearrange the way we think about weight loss and muscle gain.

Attitude Adjustment

The results you want to start looking for on your diet journey is change in your inches, and change in your percentage. When we watch the scale, we can become discouraged if we see a plateau or even an increase in our weight. Stop right there before you give up and go for the doughnuts!

Whenever I found myself on a diet kick, I took the liberty of not only getting my starting weight, but my measurements and body fat percentage as well. Don’t just measure your waist either. Use a measuring tape to measure your arms, thighs, calves, hips, chest, and neck. 

Create a chart for yourself to document the changes week to week. If you are a daily scale stepper, stop right now: If you don’t like what the scale says, it’s only going to get in your head in a negative way. There are a number of factors that cause weight fluctuation.

I always like to check my body fat percentage bi-weekly, as it’s usually the slowest thing to change. Having three different ways to measure your body changes helps you to keep things in perspective. If your weight isn’t changing on the scale, or your body fat hasn’t gone down, but you’ve lost an inch or two in certain places, you feel great! 

Positive Change

Seeing a positive change in results helps to create motivation, which in turn, helps to create more positive results! The point of various forms of measurement is so that you are not putting all of your energy into losing pounds. As we all know, muscle weighs more than fat, and generally with new exercise plans we build muscle quite quickly. Taking all of these measurements may seem a little tedious, but I always find that’s a small price to pay for the results I see weekly! 

It is important to remain positive while beginning a new diet and exercise regimen. It’s very easy to become discouraged, or give into temptations especially if you feel as if nothing is happening. Remaining positive, and allowing yourself to have multiple measurement options will help immensely as you embark on creating a healthier lifestyle.

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