We’re Nuts for Coconut Oil


In the last few years coconut oil has become all the rage. You almost feel as if you can’t look up a home remedy without coconut oil being one of your options. This is because the benefits of coconut oil are simply no joke!

Coconut oil has been essential in many women’s beauty routines. This oil is used to smooth dry and damaged hair, and stimulate hair growth.

Wide-Ranging Benefits

Oil pulling has become extremely popular as well! Pulling is the practice of taking a tablespoon of oil and pulling it in and out of your teeth to prevent tooth decay, build enamel, and help whiten teeth. A lot of people utilize coconut oil to fight off acne. The oil is abundant in antimicrobials which stave off unsightly blemishes. Coconut oil is also used to aid in weight loss, and many individuals use coconut oil as a staple in their cooking. Coconut oil has been found to reduced white fat stores. 

Coconut oil can also help with the aging process. Researchers have found that when coconut oil is digested, the production of ketones provides an alternative fuel source for nourishing the brain. This alternative can aid in prevention of dementia which is caused by the brain cells’ inability to metabolize glucose, which is the main energy source for the brain. Another issue with aging is the development of arthritis in the joints. Virgin coconut oil provides antioxidants that act as an anti-inflammatory helping to reduce pain caused by arthritis. 

The base oil has also been found to help with more severe issues such as AIDS and breast cancer. Researchers have recently discovered that coconut oil minimizes viral load in AIDS victims. For individuals with breast cancer, the consumption of virgin coconut oil during chemotherapy can help with symptoms such as loss of appetite, difficulty sleeping, and fatigue.

Coconut oil can be found in most grocery stores. Be sure to select coconut oil that has the “non-GMO” and “USDA Organic” stamp. Depending on what you will be using the coconut oil for, it is important to research whether or not you will need refined, unrefined, virgin, or extra virgin coconut oil. This oil is rich with nutrients such as lauric acid, capric acid, medium-chain tryglicerides, antioxidants, and caprylic acid. If you decide to implement coconut oil into your lifestyle, it should be an easy transition. It smells good, and honestly tastes great when used to cook with. 

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