What You Should Do Before Every Workout

When we head to the gym or get to our favorite running trail, we want to just jump right into our exercise routine.  Finding the motivation to go work out can be difficult, so once we’re there, we want to hit the ground running, literally!  Unfortunately, by not warming up properly or taking safety precautions, you could be opening yourself up for injury.

We are all pressed for time and fitting in a workout session can be a tremendous task, but that doesn’t mean we should skimp on preparation.  Being proactive helps you get the most out of your workout or exercise routine.  Check out these things that you should do before every workout:

Eat 60 to 90 Minutes Before You Exercise

Your body needs the adequate amount of fuel for you to get the most out of your workout.  All too often do we arrive at the gym without having the proper nourishment.  The same goes for those who like to workout first thing in the morning.  Your body needs something in it to help power you through your exercise routine, which is why it is important to eat 60 to 90 minutes prior.  Morning exercisers’ bodies have been deprived of food during sleep, so it may be unhealthy to work out on an empty stomach, making you lethargic and queasy.

Use Specific Workout Warm-Ups Prior to Exercise

Performing warm up sets can really help to maximize your workout.  If you are performing some major weight training, try to do a warm up set of 40 to 70 percent the weight you’d normally use.  Do a couple repetitions of the specific exercise to help ready your body for the motion.  This helps to prepare your muscles and reduces your chance of injury as the weight you use progresses.

Do Dynamic Mobility Exercises 5 to 10 Minutes Prior to Training

Instead of long static 30 second stretching routines, try dynamic mobility exercises to warm up your muscles.  These full body stretches allow for movement in various positions.  Studies show that those who participate in dynamic mobility exercises produce more gains in mobility and flexibility.  Talk to a trainer to find out the most appropriate dynamic exercises to meet your needs.

Use a Foam Roller 5 to 10 Minutes Prior to Training

The foam roller is like a self massaging device that can activate the deep tissues.  Spending 10 minutes on a foam roller can break up knots, improve mobility and improve muscle quality.  Spending time on a foam roller can make you more limber for your training session ahead.  You can address a variety of body parts with the foam roller, helping to maximize your training session.


Always consult your chiropractor or primary care physician for all your health related advice.

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