What Your Eyes Give You A Sneak Peek About


You’ve heard the saying before: your eyes are the window to the soul?

But could they also be the opening into your current brain health? That’s what a breakthrough study is now claiming, that can be seen in the journal Psychological Science. Specifically, it found that the tiny blood vessels on the other side of your eyes could show how healthy your thinker is.

The scientists realized that people with bigger veins had lower IQ scores in middle age. Furthermore, other factors such as smoking, diabetes, or even socioeconomic status were found not to be responsible for the scores, offered Idan Shalev, Ph.D., the study’s primary author.

So what’s the connection between your oglers and your noggin? Well, your eyes’ blood vessels could indicate your brain health because it represents your brain’s blood vessels– they’re “very similar in size, structure, and function,” Shalev offers. “Eye vessels are developed from the same cells that brain vessels are developed from,” he goes on.

Former studies have similarly associated the size of your eye’s blood vessels to various mental health risks ranging from conditions like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. It’s also been linked with physical health maladies, such as cardiovascular disease and stroke. It should be noted, however, that those studies were conducted in elderly populations, Shalev continues. This study uncovered viable evidence that a person’s eye health could represent a person’s brain health at a significantly earlier age; the conclusions were even consistent among children!

But before you rush into the nearest restroom to peek at your eyeballs in the mirror, consider this: if you eat whole, unprocessed, nutritious foods, obtain quality sleep each night, and get your heart pumped up with some daily exercise, you should already know how big your eye blood vessels are– especially if you’re of the younger generation.

Furthermore, this research puts an emphasis on the importance of paying attention in the classroom: gaining knowledge early in life is paramount to having a good knowledge foundation throughout it. Besides, after knowing this, you don’t want to see big ol’ blood vessels behind your eyelids once you peek in the mirror, right?

In conclusion, this research only adds to growing evidence that your health can’t be “covered up” no matter what you try– unless you want to walk around with your eyes closed, of course. But doing something that dumb would tell a person all they need to know about the size of your eye vessels.

Visiting an optometrist can tell you a lot about the current state of your health. Remember, even if you have large blood vessels now, that doesn’t mean that you just received a terminal diagnosis. The beauty of your health is that it constantly changes throughout your life, and you are the captain of that ship. 


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