Why Lucid Dreamers Are Better Than The Rest Of Us


Could all you lucid dreamers hold an important life advantage over the rest of us?

According to a new study, individuals who experience lucid dreams could be more insightful than others.

The evidence for this is because– during lucid dreams– people who are having them know that they’re in a dream, oftentimes because a variable about the dream simply doesn’t make sense. Perhaps this implies that lucid dreamers have greater “insight” into their state-of-being, offered study researchers Patrick Bourke and Hannah Shaw out of the University of Lincoln.

Lucid dreamers are able to accept that the reality in their dreams, while being realistic, just doesn’t line up with their waking state. This leads them to become aware of the fact that they are dreaming. 

The research findings realized that the study subjects, who were habitual lucid dreamers, solved a substantial 25 percent more puzzles than those who didn’t dream in a lucid fashion. The study was published in the journal Dreaming.

This points to the idea that the insight experienced while in the dream “may relate to the same underlying cognition needed for insight in the waking state,” the researchers suggested.

While lucid dreams usually happen without warning, certain people have said they can control dreams, including when to “become lucid.” Researchers were even able to initiate lucid dreaming in passed out study participants recently by shocking their brains with a slight electrical zap.

Conclusions from other studies hint at the idea that people with greater strength in some cognitive areas could have a greater chance of experiencing lucid dreams.

According to the researchers, the likelihood that a certain person will experience lucid dreams “appears to be linked to them having a particular cognitive strength” during their waking hours.

Many studies have found that lucid dreamers show superior skills when it comes to gathering information from a context; they do better during psychological duties that involve locating an easy shape inside a complex figure, for example. Likewise, studies have uncovered bits of proof that lucid dreamers do better on tests of the psychological variety that are indicative of making real-life decisions involving processing complex pieces of information.


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