Women With Fibromyalgia Experience Relief With Chiropractic Care in Savannah


The JointAmong chiropractic’s plethora of wellness benefits, can it even help relieve women with fibromyalgia?

The objective of a recent study was to find out if resistance training (RES) and chiropractic treatment (RES-C) could improve the well-being of women with fibromyalgia (FM).

To accomplish this study, researchers used a randomized control trial, with both testing and training being completed at Florida University and chiropractic clinics.

Twenty-one study participants were selected and randomly assigned to RES (10 participants) or RES-C (11 participants) therapy. Both groups finished 16 weeks of RES therapy that consisted of 10 exercises done bi-weekly. RES-C patients received RES and chiropractic treatment twice each week.

Study Outcome

Strength was measured using one repetition maximum for both the chest press and leg extension. FM impact was evaluated with an FM impact questionnaire, myalgic score, and the total amount of active tender points. Participants’ functionality was evaluated with the 10-item Continuous Scale Physical Functional Performance test. Measuring the variance with repetitive measures compared groups before and after the study’s duration.

Researchers found that six participants stopped the study, with five being from the RES group and one being from the RES-C group. Sticking with training techniques was notably greater in RES-C patients than RES patients. Both groups improved upper and lower body strength. There were alike improvements both groups’ FM impact, too. Zero group interactions for the functionality measures were witnessed. Both groups showed improved strength domain, though only RES-C showed vast improvement between the pre- to post-functional domains of flexibility as well as balance– not to mention coordination and endurance.


In conclusion, women with FM showed strength improvement with resistance training. FM impact and strength domains of functionality also improved with RES; adding chiropractic treatment to therapeutic measures led to even greater improvements in functionality domains, while also maintaining better adherence to therapy.

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