Your Body & How It Reacts to Sugar


You wake up and start your day, what do you have for breakfast? Let’s say you eat a donut and have a regular coffee with cream and sugar. At lunch, when you’re most likely starving again, if you haven’t already broken into your snack drawer, you opt for something like pizza or a big sandwich. You pair that with a soft drink, and reward yourself with a cookie. You’ve been working hard. On your way home from work, if you don’t have to make dinner for any kids, you might stop by a fast food restaurant grab yourself a burger, some fries, and another large soft drink. You might come home thinking you didn’t have the greatest eating day, but that’s okay you’ll do better tomorrow. Odds are you won’t though, and that is due to the severe addiction happening in your body. It’s not a drug, it’s not alcohol, it’s sugar. Your eating habits over the course of your life have likely lead you to become addicted to sugar. 

Refined sugars, like the ones found in soft drinks, “health” bars, cereals, desserts, breakfast foods, put your body at risk for a lot of health issues. For one, fructose based drinks are specifically linked to the growth of visceral fat cells that cause belly fat. Belly fat is the most dangerous type of fat on your body, heightening the risk of diabetes and heart disease. Sugar, specifically fructose, reduces the bodies ability to create Leptin, which turns the “I’m full” sensors in the body off. This leads to overeating and obesity. Plain and simple, sugar is causing us to gain weight. 

It needs to be understood that the sugars in fruit are not the same as the sugars in a candy bar. Fruit provides a sufficient amount of natural sugar our body needs among other nutrients, but refined and processed sugars found in a candy bar are simply just addictive. Sugar has actually been found to speed up the aging of our cells, which in turn speeds up the process of chronic disease. Maybe you should have shared that last Halloween candy bar with your little brother all those years ago?  

As I mentioned before, sugar has extremely addictive properties. Odds are you’re not going to wake up and say, “That’s it I’m done with sugar for good!”, because frankly it’s going to be hard to quit cold turkey. It might be effective to ween yourself off of sugar, and or find less sugary replacements for some of the foods you are consuming. I get it, I have a sweet tooth and I love my desserts, so it’s been instrumental for me to start cutting my sugar intake in half. Start small though, maybe cut out a fourth of your intake and gradually move up until the only sugars you’re eating are in your apples and oranges. It’s a move that can really benefit your overall health and lifestyle. 

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