If I Stop Feeling Pain, Do I Need to Keep Coming?

Dr DonnellyMaking regular chiropractic care part of your healthy lifestyle is a smart decision to make that can increase your well-being and add vitality to your years. Chiropractic care is becoming a mainstream, natural form of health care that medical professionals trust and to which more and more doctors refer their patients. Chiropractic care offers proven relief of many forms of chronic pain, and is the preferred treatment for most back pain issues, but regular chiropractic care offers so much more. When subluxations are corrected and the brain is transmitting communication through the spinal nerves in a healthy way, it’s good news for your health and wellness! Our organs rely on information from the brain to function correctly. Our bodies heal faster when brain function is in harmony with muscles, cells and blood vessels. In fact, experts credit chiropractic adjustments for a remarkable 200% increase in immune system function over people who do not receive regular chiropractic care![1] What does that mean for you? Less time lost to dealing with head colds, earaches and seasonal flu. More time to do what you love! A healthy lifestyle means proper nutrition, adequate sleep and plenty of exercise. Add regular chiropractic care to the mix and you have the recipe for robust health and vitality at any age!

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