Should I Crack My Own Back, Neck, Fingers? Can I Get a Friend to Crack My Back?

Dr DonnellyA chiropractor conducts a very careful assessment, which includes a thorough discussion of past and present medical history of the patient, and a comprehensive examination. During the medical history, the doctor is able to identify areas of the patient’s body that are not functioning at their optimal level and are producing noticeable symptoms. During the examination, the doctor is able to identify areas of the spine that are out of alignment by looking at the skin, and noticing postural imbalances and walking patterns (visualization), feeling for the contours of the muscle tone and bony structures below the skin (static palpation), and checking for altered motion of spinalsegments (motion palpation). Without the knowledge of how to identify which vertebra is out of place, exactly what position it is lying in, and how to properly correct it by working with three different vectors, you simply cause the bone to move further in the wrong direction! You may feel better, simply because you have caused endorphins, the body’s “feel-good” chemical, to be released. However, this is short-lived and in the long run, you have actually caused more damage to that joint – the result of whichis osteoarthritis, altered function, and dis-ease in the body.

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